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  • Please provide us with accurate information as this information will be posted on the auction website.



By signing up with this program you agree that the SHTA will be able to sell your item(s) online on their site in accordance with the conditions outlined in this document and the information provided on the sign-up form.

  • Your auction item should have accompanying text, including a full description of the tri/activity/accommodation or other Hospitality related auction item. In addition you are requested to provide the conditions, restrictions, special features, and other specifications to accompany your listing. Please note that any changes required after your item is listed, could be difficult as the bids may have already started. In such an event, changes will have to be pre-approved by Executive Director.
  • Your auction items should adhere to the following basic guidelines:

Activities related item

In order to be profiled, you will need to provide a minimum of 2 complimentary tickets or participation tokens with a minimum $150 each.

Gift Certificates

In order to be profiled, you will need to provide one gift voucher with a minimum retail value of $200 or several of $100 each.


In order to be profiled, you will need to provide a minimum of a 2-night stay in a room that accommodates at least 2 adult. In addition the  minimum retail value should be  $200 (excl. tax & service charge).


In order to be profiled, you will need to provide a minimum of a dinner for two persons with the retail value of at least $200 or several of at least $100 each.

  • An HD quality picture(s) is required of the trip/activity/accommodation or other Hospitality related auction item. This picture(s) will be posted along with your description. If you do not have a picture(s), the SHTA staff will make a selection on your behalf. Should you wish to change the picture(s), you are kindly asked to contact the SHTA staff via email; and provide the preferred image. Please note that there is a maximum of 4 pictures that can be featured at a time.
  • We encourage you to provide a link to the time related website and/or other related social media pages. This enables visitors to the auction site the opportunity to virtually visit. Note: the SHTA cannot guarantee the amount of traffic that this may generate. However the more attractive the offer and the picture, the higher the probability of visitors to the site and/or other related social media pages.
  • In the event no bids on the item are received upon completion of the bidding period, the minimum bidding price will be lowered by 25% and it will be featured for a second round. The second round will be half of the initial bidding period with a minimum of two weeks. Should the items still not generate any bids during the second round the SHTA will contact you in order to review the offer and/or minimum bidding price.
  • The expiration of the offer should not exceed 1 full year with a minimum of 60 days from the end of the bidding period. If this time period is not met, the SHTA will contact your company to adjust the expiration date accordingly.
  • A certificate will be sent to the highest bidder upon successful completion of the bid at the end of the timeframe allotted. You are requested to provide your company’s certificates/vouchers. In the event that you are unable to do so, the SHTA will create certificates that will be sent to the highest bidder. The SHTA will not send out any certificate before the full payment is received. Note: in the event that SHTA certificates are to be issued, your company agrees to accept these as valid proof of the transaction between the seller and buyer. By accepting the certificate, your company acknowledges its responsibility for verification of authenticity and validity
  • SHTA will be entitled to retain 50% of the highest bid received on items provided by its The funds generated are used for the association’s marketing, education, environmental, Advocacy and training efforts.


In the event that items are provided by non-members of the SHTA, the association will retain 100% of the highest bid received. However, Non-members are provided with free advertising space on our auction website during their respective bidding period. The advertisement can also contain a link to the respective website or social media page. In the event that you would like to benefit from the 50% revenue sharing option, we encourage you to become a member of the SHTA via our website

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